Here are a list of information about server !
Posted 06 / 11 / 2023


Experience : 1000

Master Experience : 500

Reset lvl : 400 (After reset Keep Stats)

Maxim stats : 32767

Grand Reset: 60 Resets

Evry Grand Reset Gives : 10000 Credits

After Grand Reset stats stay

In Game Drop Maxim 2 Opt Items

From Website you can make Fo items

U Can buy Ancient Fo Items from Website

Ancient Items can be obtained  from Game

5 Servers Runing  2(Non-PVP)   3(PvP)

No Jewels in shop or box of kundun

U can equip every 2 handed weapon on 1 hand

Trade Online Hours (1 hour trade for 10 credits)

Client have Antihack We use Premium Files

Very well balanced pvp and pvm in game

Events Drop interesting items


Commands in game :

/addstr  (add strength points)

/addagi  (add agility points)

/addvit  (add vitality points)

/addene  (add energy points)

/addcmd  (add command points)

/pkclear  (reset pk status)

/reset   (use on lvl 400 to reset your level to 1)

/reset auto (make automatic resets)

/reset auto again to disable it

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Currently this is only one server.